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Boston Performance Edition GP-178 tiibklaver (valge)

Boston Performance Edition GP-178 tiibklaver (valge)

Number: 3003010, Müüja kood: GP-178 WHP
€ 36300.00 € 32670.00

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Tutvustame uut Boston Performance Edition II klaverit, mille sisekülgedel Kewazinga Bubinga vineer (ainult ebony mudelitel), kuldne metallraam, mustad vildid ning reskaleeritud bassi- ja ülemised keeled.

Boston PE II on valmistatud parimatest osadest, mille poolest Boston tuntud on. 178cm pikk GP-178 Performance Edition on ideaalne tiibklaver igasse õppestuudiosse või muusikaklassi.




  • Length: 178 cm (5' 10")
  • Width: 151 cm (59¾")
  • Height: 102 cm (40")
  • Net Weight: 333 kg (733 lb)



  • Cabinet Style: Classic
  • Finish: High Polish White
  • Hardware: Solid brass — polished and lacquered.




Hard Rock Maple inner rim -- this is the foundation of the Boston’s tone. Besides providing superior structural integrity to the piano, it enhances tone by being a rock hard foundation for the soundboard. A Maple rim is found only in the finest pianoss. Continuous bent rim. 11 outer rim laminations, 17 inner rim laminations. 23 mm (⅞") outer rim width, 38 mm (1½") inner rim width.


Radiating braces solidify the piano’s structure. Their triangular layout provides more support than parallel designs. This rigid system improves  tuning stability and soundboard crown retention, and lengthens  3 braces.


Octagrip pinblock made of 11 layers of Hard Rock Maple — glued in different grain angles of 60 degrees — affording the tuning pins greater stability under tension and enabling the piano to stay in tune longer.


Close and straight-grained solid (not laminated) Sitka Spruce. Minimum 3 annual growth rings per cm (minimum 8 per inch). Tapered from treble to bass, allowing a greater freedom of movement in the bass, and stiffness in the treble, thereby creating a richer and more lasting tonal response. Tapered from 8 mm to 6 mm. Vibrating area: 1.30 m2 (2,020 in2)


Made from durable spruce to assure strong and constant support of the strings bearing down on the soundboard. Ribs are fully let-in to the inner rim to support the important soundboard crown and prevent the piano from losing its tone. Number of ribs: 11


Treble: Vertically laminated (alternating maple and mahogany) with a solid maple cap, curved to fit the crown of the soundboard. Bass: Solid maple mounted to cantilevered base.


Overstrung; combination of agraffe, with front and rear duplex. Rescaled bass and treble for lower tension scale for increased sustain, better tone clarity, and deeper clearer bass. 17,445 kg (38,460 lb) tension.


Cast from grey iron, bronze-painted and lacquered. Vacuum cast.
Tuning Pins Nickel-plated steel, cut threaded.


Treble: Highest grade steel (in half size increments). Number of sizes: 15. Lowest tenor note: 27. Mapes Bass Strings: Steel core wire wound with solid copper. Made by Mapes in Tennessee, U.S.A. Note 1 speaking length: 135.9 cm (53.5").


Premium wool topfelt over premium wool underfelt. Weight of topfelt: 9.5 kg (20.9 lb). Compression-wired to retain permanent shape. Mahogany moldings. Tapered hornbeam hammershanks. Computer-designed pear-shaped hammers with reinforced shoulders result in superior tone, increased durability and greater voicing ability.


Solid maple and hornbeam (all wood, no plastic) for all moving parts. Steinway profile-shaped flanges, extruded aluminum action rails for increased stability and less frequent regulation. Steinway action geometry provides superior touch.


Genuine spruce, individually balanced and weighted. Synthetic ivory and ebony key covers. New synthetic ebony has ebony-like surface texture and appearance that absorbs perspiration from the fingers. The fine synthetic ivory of the white keys has the same properties of friction, porosity, conductivity, and appearance as ivory.


Heavy solid brass castings. Soft, full sostenuto and damper (sustaining).



Classic case design. Coved toplid and keyslip, square arm shape with matching square fallboard shape, and wall cornice detail are all classic and beautiful. Violin-shaped topstick.



  • Fallboard: Soft fall fallboard.

  • Casters: Heavy-duty double-wheel solid brass casters.

  • Locks: Fallboard and top locks.

  • Prop Sticks: Double top prop sticks.

  • Bench: artist, adjustable bench (cushion, adjustable height) for all ebony finish pianos.

  • Black Felts for Plate, under Fallboard, and around Pedals on Lyre.

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