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MARTIN AUDIO and BOSE installation product presentation

On November 27th at 11:00 AMBOSE and MARTIN AUDIO installation series seminar will be held in our music shop BEST MUSIC (street Aleksandra Caka 118C, Riga). In the seminar installation series models will be presented and the integration of this equipment into venues and conferencing projects will be reviewed.

To apply for the seminar, please CLICK HERE.

With their Installed Sound Expansion, BOSE have increased their range of products so system designers and installers can deliver Bose Professional sound systems in more spaces than ever. This means more options — more loudspeakers, amplifiers, and processors to choose from. And more flexibility: Now consultants and integrators can combine Bose Professional products to create tailored sound systems that fit a greater variety of spaces. BOSE established products remain and they’ve added new product families into the mix. And there’s more to come. Because the Installed Sound Expansion has one goal: providing consultants and integrators with the components they need to deliver complete systems — from simple, repeatable background music systems, to sound reinforcement, to more complex, networked, and distributed solutions.

BOSE acoustic systems, which are suitable for various events to audiences of up to 500 people, will be demonstrated separately. Those are easy to transport, discrete, with a high-quality sound.

In the presentation you will be able to listen to and find out more about these BOSE products:

  • ROOM MATCH series loudspeakers
  • FREESPACE series ceiling and wall loudspeakers
  • Innovative EDGEMAX series
  • Various amplifier, wall controller and processor review
  • Integration of CONTROLSPACE software and processors
  • S1 PRO, L1, and F1 series mobile audio systems



MARTIN AUDIO is one of the oldest and most traditional brands of sound installation in concerts and event venues. MARTIN AUDIO has always used most modern tendencies in building acoustic systems and choosing the right controllers and amplifiers for them. At the same time, they've kept the legendary and unique sound for loudspeakers of any configuration and size. The new installation loudspeakers is a new challenge for a manufacturer, that previously has been more specialized in creating sound systems for concerts. For system integrators or installation specialists, it means verified and massive sound, useful use of installation resources, high-profit interest, and perfect quality.


In the presentation you will be able to listen to and find out more about these MARTIN AUDIO products:


  • ADORN series installation loudspeakers
  • CDD series installation loudspeakers
  • SX series compact size low-frequency loudspeakers
  • BLACKLINEX series loudspeakers for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs
  • IKON multi-channel amplifiers
  • VIA amplifiers
  • CDD-LIVE stage loudspeakers
  • BLACKLINE POWERED loudspeakers for stages of various size, nightclubs, bars



In this presentation SHURE MXA series conference microphone integration in BOSE systems and various conference system configurations, using DANTE products will be demonstrated as well. Also, consultations about system integration in various venues and about conference system configurations will be held.


If you have any questions, please write to:

Imants Cirulis - imants@attrade.lv



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