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Ableton Live Suite offer!

As part of included software bundle with select Focusrite and Novation hardware, there is Ableton Live Lite. Now Focusrite and Novation partnered with Ableton ...
17 May

Focusrite Hitmaker Expansion Update!

  Focusrite Hitmaker Expansion 3.0 – The Massive Update Hitmaker Expansion is carefully curated to give music makers a great selection of software ...
17 May

"Amplify your summer" sale has started!

"Amplify your summer" sale has started! We are happy to announce that the long-awaited sale - "Amplify your summer" has started in our store A.Čaka 118 and online ...
16 May

"Amplify your summer" demonstration days 2023!

If you want to improve the sound quality for your restaurant, cafe, bar, studio, or home, as well as learn more about sound systems and speakers, we invite you to participate ...
16 May

New Martin Audio FlexPoint loudspeakers!

Martin Audio FlexPoint loudspeakers - a Powerful Investment in Premium Point Source Performance! While line arrays and constant curvature arrays provide advanced solutions ...
09 May

Store opening hours during holidays!

Dear visitors, we would like to inform you that the store will be closed on Monday (01/05/2023) and Thursday (04/05/2023)! Orders placed in the online store will also not ...
29 Apr

Spring Warehouse Cleaning!

We are Announcing Spring Warehouse Cleaning! From 07.04.2023 until 30.04.2023 great discounts on musical instruments and studio equipment! Don't miss the opportunity ...
09 Apr

Sound solutions for terraces!

If you are planning to open a cafe, an outdoor terrace or renovate a pub or restaurant, then it is the last moment to choose an appropriate sound system. Any cafe, ...
04 Apr

KORG Nautilus update!

KORG offers extremely important update for NAUTILUS that fixes almost all the stability issues of NAUTILUS.   Update ...
29 Mar

Meinl Stick and Brush!

Drumsticks, multi-rods and brushes are the most important tools for any drummer or percussionist, forming a direct link between the player and their instrument.They bring ...
08 Mar

Meinl Sonic Energy steel tongue drums!

The Steel Tongue Drum was invented by Dennis Havlena, who created the first Steel Tongue Drum from an empty propane tank in 2007. Because of this first version of the Steel ...
09 Feb

KORG Nautilus System update!

KORG Nautilus System Update version 1.3.1! - Improved compatibility of tones when loading SYX files for DX7. - ...
06 Feb

New Yamaha P-S500!

BEGIN YOUR MUSICAL VOYAGE Learn to play. Love the journey. Light the path.     INTUITIVE CONTROL WITH YOUR SMART DEVICE Simply connect the instrument ...
26 Jan

Focusrite: Compare Vocaster an Scarlett

Which interface is right for You? Whether you're new to recording or in the market to upgrade your existing interface, we have a wide range for different uses. Discover ...
10 Jan

Bose Videobar VB1 vs VB-S comparison!

Bose Videobar are a unique USB conferencing devices that provides the highest quality sound and video for your online conferences. They are easy to install, integrate ...
08 Jan

New - JUPITER wind instruments!

Great news for all wind instrument players - JUPITER wood and brass instruments, as well as their accessories and care supplies, will now be available at our store! Origins Founded ...
15 Dec

Focusrite Vocaster Broadcast kit!

Professional-quality microphone and headphones to complete your studio. Vocaster Broadcast Kit pairs best Focusrite dynamic microphone with clear and comfortable headphones ...
14 Dec

10/12 - 15/01 Christmas sale!

Make this Christmas special with gifts form BestMusic!   From 10/12 till 15/01 great discounts on musical instruments, sound and studio equipment! The ...
13 Dec

Free sound design consultations every Wednesday in October 2022!

In October 2022, every Wednesday we offer free sound design consultations to provide information and elevate understanding of quality sound solutions in various situations! In ...
05 Oct

Optimised Martin Audio WPC for renovated Sooroosh hall!

In 2019, the renovation of the 700-seat Sooroosh Hall in the Tajikistan capital of Dushanbe included a substantial upgrade to the technological infrastructure. This has resulted ...
30 Sep


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